With Special Thanks To

The UK Yankee Story is woven together from so many influential threads. It is here that I must give a shout out to:

The Boys and their families for always being true to themselves and for enriching my life in countless ways.

The Aunts for their constant supply of Midwestern-branded love, laughter and sense of the ridiculous.

H for his inspirational love of the Wild West and L for her introduction to Nanny Fudge and countless other British baked delights. And together for providing me with my own Mr Wonderful.

Mr UK-Yankee for showing me there isn’t anything that can’t be solved with a mug of tea at the kitchen table and for Never Ever Letting Me Give Up. And to JB, my sunshine and best girl- you can do anything you set your mind to.


My Wonderful Parents
My Wonderful Parents

And finally:

To my parents, who taught me the importance of honesty, sincerity, generosity and hard work.

Because of these, I have realised my dreams.

I thank you with all my admiration, respect and most of all my love.