About Alisa

Hi there! I’m Alisa, a born Midwesterner who had a culture-reassignment operation nearly 20 years ago and am now British (by residency). Though I do retain certain traits peculiar to the Midwesterner- like a love of sweet potatoes with marshmallows; rock-outs to John Mellencamp; and a retained ability to drive in snow.

But that’s all rounded out by my addiction to proper tea (I travel with my own tea-bags now); my strict belief in Delia Smith as the answer to all of life’s cooking questions; and my ability to use the weather as a conversational opener.

83About Alisa
91About Alisa

Having survived my own upbringing with a raucous and fun-loving family, I went on to become a genealogist on the other side of the Atlantic. So I could meet other people’s raucous and fun-loving families (even if some of them had been dead for a couple hundred years).

I still resides Island-side with my family and spend my time dreaming up new ways to exploit the endless family archive of cheesy photographs and repertoire of, frankly, unbelievable ancestral lore. Seriously- ask me about my Grandpa Sam driving for Al Capone.

Fun Facts

I grew up in a family-owned Italian restaurant & celebrate this fact by eating Friday Night Pizza without fail. Sometimes I share it too.

Always nosy about other people’s lives, my MA thesis was a study of an Anglo family in Ireland.

Through the years, as my family has expanded, I have learned that in addition to the best known adage about truth (death and taxes), there is one more truth…



92About Alisa