Christmas Reminiscences

As I get older, my Christmas joy becomes as much about Christmas Past as it does Christmas Present. I find myself indulging in Christmas Reminiscences and reliving the joys of happy times with my friends and family. I now understand why my grandparents were able to remember so well, moments in their younger years. Time isn’t as linear as I once thought and memories from past Christmases seem so close, I could reach out and touch them.

I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who felt the pull of Christmas Reminiscences- my mom sent me a beautiful text about her memories of Christmas as a child. So I asked her to write a little something for the blog.


My Mom’s Christmas REMINISCENCES

This Christmas time of year I think daily of my wonderful parents and the spirit of Christmas that they provided for us and future generations. Recently on Facebook, my sister, Lynn, posted a piece entitled “Five at Christmas” authored by Betty Williamson. It is a letter to God asking that the writer be allowed to never forget the excitement, wonder, and love that comes from that age of innocence.

Reading it allowed me the pleasure of going back for a brief time to be with Mom, Dad, and my 3 sisters as we prepared for Christmas.

The Mabie Sisters Visit Santa- Christmas Reminiscences

As a Roman Catholic family, we prepared for the birth of Baby Jesus. Dad and Mom reminded us in many ways throughout the season that this was a time of “giving NOT getting”! We were prepared for the fact that we would have to interrupt playing with new toys in order to dress in all our finery and attend Mass on Christmas morning…In those days Christmas Eve 5pm Mass wasn’t even in our imaginations!

We all received a Christmas corsage from Dad to wear on our winter “church coats”. He was so proud to be escorting all his girls to church!

On the way to Christmas Mass- Christmas Reminiscences by UK Yankee

Once in church, we would sing the beautiful, traditional carols of Christmas. We girls LOVED to sing! And we still do!

As a convert from the Lutheran church, Mom liked to remind us that the Lutherans were the ones who really knew ALL the hymns and carols… early lesson in religious tolerance.

Christmas Present

These days I sometimes become sad about how the years bring change in the way we gather as families and in the way certain traditions become less important. I find comfort in the legacy that Mom and Dad left us, their children, their grandchildren and their great grandchildren. In my mind, I can easily return to the warmth and security they provided at Christmas and always. Our emotional, spiritual and material needs were unfailingly provided for. With regard to material things, we had everything we needed and some of the things for which we wished. Love of family and God was paramount. Tolerance of ALL was expected.

Pretty simple, “Love God, love one another”. That simple philosophy resonates throughout all the world’s religions.

Thanks Mom & Dad, and Merry Christmas in Heaven!

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care- Christmas Reminiscences by UK Yankee

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas making new memories with your loved ones no matter who they are!



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  1. BEAUTIFUL, Judi!!!! Our UK Yankee apple sure doesn’t fall far from the Mom tree in her writing skills and so many of her other amazing attributes. XXXOOO

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