About The Baby Files

We’re over the moon to tell you that The Baby Files is Now available to buy!


The Baby Files by UK Yankee FInalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

The Baby Files is a baby record book celebrating YOUR baby’s first year of milestones and special moments.

The Baby Files is specially developed with a lot of love, for all families, no matter how they came to be.

Originally, I wrote this book as a gift for my brother and his husband when they adopted their baby. The language in The Baby Files is universal. It celebrates families of all different types who believe that Love Makes a Family. Read more about the beautiful story behind The Baby Files.

A picture of The Baby Files opened to a page with a dragon illustration.


Perfect for documenting all the special and memorable moments in your baby’s first year. The Baby Files provides the structure to tell your child’s story without being overly prescriptive.

With fun and whimsical animals from talented illustrator Anni Betts, inside you will find pages designed for remembering all the wonder of your baby’s first milestones, parties, celebrations and family.

The pages include space for writing and for affixing photographs of your baby. Two extra pages at the back add space for jotting down silly words, experiences and thoughts about your gorgeous little one. A special pocket in the back cover provides a space for any other precious mementos of your baby’s first 12 months.

The Baby Files celebrates the diverse face of families in our modern world. Life moves at lightening speed. The Baby Files helps you beautifully capture all those precious moments so that  you and your child can cherish them in years to come.

A wonderful gift for new/expectant parents and baby showers.



As a company, we believe strongly in supporting other local businesses. We also believe that it is our job to look after the world that our children will inherit. For this reason, we chose our printer with great care. The Baby Files is printed in the UK by Geerings Print of Ashford, Kent. Geerings is only 1.5 miles from where The Baby Files was designed as it happens. Geerings have a comprehensive environmental statement and The Baby Files is printed on 100% FSC paper.

We know that this is important to you and your family because it’s important to us too. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the environmental credentials of our products and the suppliers we work with.