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Friday Good Deed Day


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Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the first official post in the UK Yankee Advent Blog! I have designated Fridays as Good Deed Day and will be sharing ideas of Good Deeds that cross my path and that we have engaged in ourselves.

This week, the good deed that crossed my path wasn’t something that I can claim any credit for. In fact, it was something someone did for me: An act of kindness perpetuated by a complete stranger. And it completely restored my faith in the kindness of strangers.

A Kindness Done unto me

As many of you, dear readers, will know- yesterday was the launch of The Baby Files in the UK. For the past two weeks, I have been living in a stress bubble, dealing with Amazon over here. We have all enjoyed the wonder of Amazon Prime and next day delivery. However, whole tribes of small merchants were wandering aimlessly through Amazon’s Basin looking for their tour guide. And I was leading the pack.

Fast forward.

My shipment is heading out to a Scottish fulfillment centre. I am like a cat on a hot tin roof fretting about:

  • First-Where is my shipment?
  • Second- Has it arrived?
  • Third- Is it being processed?
  • Fourth- Will it be ready for the launch?

And, to be completely, ruthlessly honest: I was making a nuisance of myself; with good reason! My shipment had not arrived, according to Amazon’s magical dashboard system.

So I managed to find an email address in the thread of emails that I instigated.

Poor man. Based at Amazon’s fulfillment centre, he made the crucial mistake of answering his email. And then…he gave me his phone number. (It is now marked as a Favourite in my Contacts list).

But the thing is… As I was having a mini-meltdown on the telephone with this kind Glaswegian man (who I couldn’t really understand at all :-D), he stuck with me. He reassured me. He gave me some good advice. And then 20 minutes later…

He emailed me to say that he had gone searching for my pallet; found it; and fast-tracked the processing.

A complete stranger working in a warehouse under, some say, poor conditions. This man has no idea what he did for my Type A personality and stress levels. But his extra little step of human kindness actually transformed the way that I looked at my whole situation.

Somehow the box of Roses Chocolates that I’m sending him seems inadequate. It’s the only way I can think to repay his good deed with one of my own.

coming up…

Have you been the recipient of a good deed? I’d love to hear about it! Let’s see if we can get a spirit of gratitude going this Advent season!

I hope you enjoy this upcoming series. We have some outstanding people participating in the UK Yankee Advent Blog. Make sure you check in. On the way- some fantastic content; free recipes; free printables and inspiration stories to keep a spirit of humanity in this holiday season!

Coming up next week is: Heather Stark from Grace and Grit, Becki Reynolds from Created by Rebecca, and Freddie from Stag Coffee (only the best coffee shop in Ashford). And definitely don’t miss tomorrow’s contribution from my very own Minnie Sue!A banner that says love makes a family.


3 thoughts on “UK Yankee Advent Blog- Friday is Good Deed Day

  1. Well, UK Yankee Readers, I must tell of my dentist, Dr. James Orticelli’s good deed yesterday. Two days ago, while I was munching on a pretzel stick, I realized that I was chewing more than that pretzel. It was a piece of my tooth! Of course, the gap I felt from that missing tooth felt like a sharp, jagged crater in my mouth ?. Dr. Orticelli & his wonderful office staff gave up time out of their lunch hour yesterday to see me and my broken molar. Those rough edges are now smooth & I have an appointment next week so they can “mind the gap” in that troublemaker tooth.

    Dr Orticelli & staff didn’t have to give up time out of their lunch hour, but they did. They’re just that caring! Thank you!

  2. What a fantastic person! It’s rare to get hold of an actual human in these days of email/internet/instant messaging. How fantastic that he was able to find your pallet and sooth your fears at the same time 🙂

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