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The Advent season is slowly melting away as we head up to the big event on Sunday. So, this week, I wanted to make sure we heard from the wonderful Sandra Lansana. Her Random Acts of Kindness surpass anything I’ve ever encountered. I know Sandra because she is another school-mum at Minnie Sue’s school. As I have come to know her, I have been floored by the example she sets for her gorgeous children and by the way she involves them in her Random Acts of Kindness. In a world that regularly denigrates the ethos of today’s children, here is proof positive that we cannot and should not judge this generation so harshly. Not when there are parents like Sandra (and there are many) who ground their children in what is truly important.


Sandra and Mr. Sandra UK Yankee Advent Blog Random Acts of Kindness
Sandra & her husband looking glam!

Let me start by saying that I am usually a grinch when it comes to Christmas. That is, in regard to anything Christmas-related before the beginning of Advent. But when the first of the four Sundays prior to Christmas eve arrives, I light the first candle on my advent wreath and transform into someone who loves Christmas.

When my 13 and 10 year where small I used to fall into the trap of Christmas consumerism. But somewhere along the line I realised that presents are not what Christmas is about! So instead of buying lots of expensive gifts I started the tradition of an Activity Advent Calendar to teach my children that Christmas is about giving and making memories.

Activity Advent Calendar: Making Memories

The idea is that every day of the advent calendar I plan an a Activity with my children. Activities range from simple tasks such as writing a wish list or Christmas cards to family and friends. Sometimes we go ice skating or on Christmas lights scavenger hunts with friends (always a favourite).

This year, on the 2nd Sunday of Advent, Daddy was working in Canterbury! Canterbury is full of charm. With the addition of Christmas lights and a mini Christmas-Market it transforms into a perfect place to spend the afternoon as our ‘Activity-of-the-Day’. The amigos loved exploring the little wooden craft stores. They sampled sweets and took in that special atmosphere that can only be found in a Christmas market. We even bumped into the ‘Christmas Fairy’ who took time to joke around with the boys as they were throwing glitter into the air to make a wish! My heart melted when the fairy told me what both boys wished for: to have a great time with their family!

Surprising Daddy after work with a bag full of roasted almonds finished off the day!

24 random acts of kindness

Christmas is not just about making memories with loved ones. It is also about giving! This part is not always as easy. We get so busy with our lives, we often forget that even little things can make a difference. Twenty-four random acts of kindness compose the other half of our advent calendar.


  • a smile
  • a kind gesture
  • time
  • kind words

It doesn’t really take that much if you think about it! When it comes to acts of kindness, my children put on their imaginary elf hats (sometimes actual elf hats when it’s cold outside). They really love this part of our Activity Advent Calendar. Some of the activities include:

  • Sticking kind words on notes on cars
  • Attaching envelopes of change on parking meters
  • Slipping someone secret notes

Other things like writing each other notes saying why you love the other person do not come as easy. But once this task is completed, when they read each other’s notes, their reactions are priceless!

What it’s all about

On the first day of Advent my 13 year old daughter ran into the kitchen and yelled “Yeahhhh Christmas!!!!!”

I laughed loudly and asked her “Jadyn why do you love Christmas so much?”

Her answer- ‘Mummy it’s everything…it’s baking cookies together; playing games; the lights; the smell of the Christmas tree and Christmas markets; spending time with my cousins in Germany…it’s magical!’

Not with one word did she mention presents….I am happy because she understands what Christmas is really about!

What is it all about for you?

Do you practice Random Acts of Kindness over the Christmas season? Or indeed during the rest of the year? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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  1. WOW!! Sandra your blog and the acts of kindness you do with your children are so inspiring. Thank you for the ideas you shared! How LUCKY your children are to have you for their mom.

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