3 Awesome Hacks for Creating a Pinterest-Worthy Baby-Book

Awesome hacks for your baby book

Hi there Mama! Have you been hanging out over on Pinterest, drooling over all the fabulous baby-book creations that people are pinning?

Are you wondering where, in heaven’s name, you’ll find the time and energy to replicate these works of art?

Well then, great news! I’ve got the solution for you!


3 Awesome Hacks For Creating A Pinterest Worthy Baby book

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My own personal experience

I’ve been talking to some of my lovely customers who bought copies of The Baby Files: A Book Celebrating My First Year; taking their feedback on board; and thinking about my own experience in filling out Minnie-Sue’s baby books.

In the midst of all the excitement and planning around the arrival of a new family member the prospect of creating a Pinterest Worthy Baby Book might take a back-seat to your crazy new reality.

We were gifted two very cute little baby books and I have an incredible soft-spot for all the mis-matched ink & the red-eye baby photos that tell the story of my daughter’s first year. And the gaps in recording milestones speak volumes about my experience with a newborn! 🙂 But in the spirit of total honesty…what I wouldn’t give for a do-over on those books! If I had only had a little cheat-sheet with ideas and helpful hints, it would have spared me so much time getting lost in the Pinterest worm-hole and then doing a half-cocked job on the books anyway!

My Not so Pinterest Worthy Attempt

When Minnie-Sue was born, I had almost a year’s worth of maternity leave. It seemed like an endless amount of time to indulge my crafty habits whilst basking in the babymoon.

Being in crafting over-drive meant that I had more than enough stuff (including ambition) to turn Minnie-Sue’s baby-books into Pinterest-worthy works of art. But weeks passed and the photos & scribbled scraps of paper began to pile up. I felt completely overwhelmed by the task. And at that stage, it did feel like a task. It was no longer a project to enjoy but rather a source of stress.

In all my crafty chaos, I lost sight of some baby milestones that had passed me by. In the blur of life with a newborn, maybe I hadn’t noticed when the milestones happened. I might have had photos of them somewhere…

I wish I had realised that 8 years down the line, it wouldn’t matter if that picture was really Minnie Sue’s first smile.

It is lovely to just look back and see her baby-smile.

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Some baby-books give space for an infinite amount of detail. And that’s fine. The Baby Files has a slightly more open format without extremely specific headings. This layout decision was driven by my own experience and by the experiences of other new parents. As a parent, I ended up omitting some ‘definitive’ details in Minnie-Sue’s book simply because I wasn’t up to the task. And don’t get me started on the section documenting the arrival of every single tooth in my child’s mouth! I managed to capture the first two before losing the will to live!

Some of you will adore the opportunity to get all these little details into your baby-books. Some of you will be like me and wonder how you managed to miss out on important first events. In any case, I think my FREE Resource Guide will be helpful to both sides of the fence!

One last note (and this is covered in the Resource Guide). I made the fatal mistake of using PVA glue on a few of the pages. This resulted in the worst looking finished product ever! I did this on the birth announcements too! Urgh!!!

Please, I implore you! Do not use PVA glue to stick things into your book.

Let me Lighten your load!

Between my aim to have the perfect baby-book and the sheer quantity of photo-materials, Minnie-Sue’s baby-books should have been museum quality. But things didn’t go so smoothly.

Consequently, I want to help all of you, new parents and parents-to-be! Learn from my mistakes. Approach this opportunity to create something beautiful for your baby, with a calm mind .

We all have Pinterest-worthy goals. So I wrote a little Keepsake Creation Resource Guide for you:

3 Awesome Hacks for Creating A Pinterest Worthy Baby Book

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Whether you are filling in your own copy of The Baby Files: A Book Celebrating My First Year or you have another baby book, this FREE resource guide will help you approach your project with all the right tools. And most importantly, in a zen frame of mind. 🙂

There is no sense (or honour) in spoiling this beautiful time with your baby by creating crazy expectations on yourself! I like to think of it as the kind of common-sense that my grandma would have dished out. This is such a wonderful opportunity to create a beautiful keepsake that your family will enjoy for years to come but don’t get overwhelmed by the task! Just enjoy it!

Enjoy all the beautiful ‘Firsts’ and ‘Seconds’ and ‘Thirds’ with your baby. Snap some photos and make some notes. When you are looking through your keepsake baby-book a few years from now, you won’t be wondering whether that was really the first time your baby rolled-over. Instead, your heart will sing because you captured a beautiful moment in time that you can all enjoy and remember.



I would absolutely love to see what you’ve done with some of your baby book pages so please feel free to share them on our Facebook Page!

Most of all…have fun creating!!

Alisa xx

PS- These tips work great for any keepsake book!! Great for grandparents making memory books for their grandkids! (I’m looking at you Mom 😉 ).

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