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Get Baking today with this simple oreo truffles recipe

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Ahh! It’s the weekend and I have time set aside for baking up some Christmas treats today. First on my list is this gorgeous Oreo Truffle Recipe that the lovely Mrs B has so kindly shared with all of us!

Mrs B is a phenomenon round these parts. She is an extraordinary lady who loves baking so much, she set up her own Facebook Page just to share recipes with people. And now she has thousands of people from all over the world waiting with baited breath for her next food gem.

Consequently, I felt pretty special when she agreed to share a recipe and tutorial with my readers. The beauty of this recipe is that it is so darn simple. But if you share these with anybody, they will think you bought them from a specialist chocolatier. Psst! Don’t let them in on the secret…

Mrs. B’s Baking

As Christmas is getting nearer,it’s a busy time in Mrs B’s Kitchen.

So today my son Tom and I are making homemade gifts for our friends and neighbours. Every year we make Christmas goodies to hand out as an act of kindness and this year we are making Oreo Truffles.

Tom loves spending time in the kitchen with me, chatting about who we should give a bag to and what we should make next. These are super popular and really easy to make with children. They make lovely gifts too!

This is how you do it

To start, you will need just three ingredients:

  • 1 pack of Oreos
  • 4oz soft cream cheese
  • Chocolate

And then, its as simple as this:

  1. Blitz the Oreos in a food processor until you have a fine crumb.
  2. Add the cream cheese and mix well.
  3. Roll in to small balls and put in the fridge to chill for 30mins.
  4. Line a tray with greaseproof paper.
  5. Melt the chocolate .
  6. Dip the balls into the chocolate until they are covered.
  7. Place on the greaseproof paper and pop in the fridge again
  8. Eat all the truffles. Then make more for your friends and family.

Thank you Mrs B!

Yum! Readers, you are definitely going to want to keep this recipe close at hand. So print your own copy here!

Thank you Mrs B for sharing your easy and delicious Oreo Truffle recipe! I will be making these later on and will share photos on your Facebook page!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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