Mother-in-laws are Mothers Too. Happy Mother’s Day.

Many of you will have clocked through previous posts that I think am just about the luckiest gal in the world because I have the most incredible in-laws. Since I’m in a unique position to be able to celebrate two Mother’s Days, I want to dedicate this post to telling you a little bit about my Mother-in-Law (MIL) on Mother’s Day. And my mom will get her turn in May (though you know how much I love you all the time, right Mom?). Today is one of those strange holiday/celebrations that, although celebrated by both sides of our bi-cultural family, is celebrated in totally different months.

One of the perks of being bi-cultural is that we get to celebrate all the special days and holidays from both the US and the UK. And even better than that, the non-celebrating family members will send little messages and cards to let us know that they are celebrating alongside us. Totally the best of both worlds (and who doesn’t love the irony of my British in-laws sending me Happy Fourth of July messages?)!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mother-in-Law from UK Yankee

A little background

My husband and I met in Belfast. So our ‘courtship’ was outside the realm of either of our families. I did meet my future father-in-law very shortly after I arrived in Belfast. He rode his very fast sports motorcycle all the way up through England and Scotland and then across to Belfast. In full leathers. And then proceeded to be just about the nicest, most interesting person ever! We got on like a house on fire.

So think about this from my now MIL’s perspective. She knows her son has a mystery woman. Even more mysterious is the fact that she’s American. Her husband has met this mysterious American. But she hasn’t.

And this went on for almost a year before we ventured down to the sunny Southeast of England where Linda and I finally met. How nervous was I? I knew that Linda would be at work the day we touched down at Stansted. So our first stop after the airport was her workplace to say hello. Nervous does not even begin to describe how I felt. I didn’t know this woman except for several letters exchanged on birthdays and maybe a few words on the phone. I was dating her only, precious son. On the one hand, I can’t imagine how a the wonderful man in my life could have been raised by a crack-pot. But you never know…

The moment of truth

We arrived in Linda’s office and if memory serves, she completely ignored her beloved son and pulled me into a huge, warm hug. And, you know, British people aren’t really great huggers in my experience. Americans are more huggy. Sorry guys, just saying. But this was a great hug. And in that moment, all my nerves melted away!

Fast forward to today, and that first impression stands. My MIL is just fantastic. And here’s why:

10 things i love about my mother-in-law

  1. She is so easy to talk to. I often ring her up to ask her Delia Smith or Mary Berry cooking questions and we end up just chatting away. Easy conversation about anything. Love it.
  2. She totally respects our space but is at home in our home. You hear all the old chestnuts about the mother in law who turns up and never leaves. Not mine. She knows she is always welcome in our home and when she visits, she knows where everything is and just fits seamlessly into the rhythm of the house. She’s happy to pop the kettle on and make us a cup of tea. And has even been known to iron a shirt or two if we’re in a bind.
  3. She can stand on her head. How cool is it that she is a total yogi?! This is a wonderful thing that we can share and I’m really looking forward to our upcoming yoga workshop in a couple of weeks.
  4. She’s an animal lover. Which means that she is a font of knowledge about what might be ailing the furry members of our family. And she has always included the names of all their pets on her cards and letters.
  5. She is an outstanding cook and baker. Meals at her house are always a treat. And we now have certain items of food that are classified with the adjective Nanny. So far, there is Nanny Cake, Nanny Fudge (more on that in a minute) and Nanny Roast Parsnips.
  6. She gave me an enormous tin of Nanny Fudge for my birthday. This is equivalent to gold-dust. I am not kidding. If she wanted to open a fudge shop, she’d be a millionaire.
  7. She is an amazing grandmother to Minnie-Sue. She has made her home a welcoming little haven for my daughter. For this I am so thankful because I had wonderful relationships with both sets of my grandparents and now my girl does too. She adores going to Nanny & Grandpy’s house and has had so many fantastic adventures and experiences there. These memories will stay with her forever.
  8. She is the most organised person I know. This is the woman who has all her Christmas presents purchased and wrapped in the spare bedroom in November.
  9. She Keeps Calm and Carries On. This motto could have been written for my MIL. There are times when I feel completely overwhelmed and think that actually, the best thing would be to just call it quits and go flop out on the couch. But then I take inspiration from Linda and pull it together 🙂
  10. She raised my husband to be the kind, thoughtful and caring man that I love. (with help, obviously H. 😉 ). I can see so many of her qualities in him!

happy mother’s day

So on this day celebrating what mother’s contribute to our lives, thank you Linda for being such a splendid MIL and for being the mother to my husband and the grandmother to my daughter. We are so lucky to have you!

Lots of love,

Alisa xx

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13 thoughts on “Mother-in-laws are Mothers Too. Happy Mother’s Day.

  1. You could not have described Dear Linda in a better way! I would like to add that she (& H!) have provided your Yankee parents a huge sense of security knowing that their precious and beloved UK Yankee daughter is safely surrounded by such a wonderful & loving family. It is my pleasure to share a granddaughter with your wonderful MIL!
    Happy Mothers Day to all the fine ladies on your side! XO

    1. Well what can I say! I feel totally overwhelmed by all your lovely comments & thank you for taking the time to write them down. I too feel we have something very special as a family which shows through whenever we meet and just feels so comfortable. Even though there is the Atlantic Ocean between us & Tom & Judi the distance just melts away xxx

  2. Alisa,
    You did an excellent job on your ten comments about Linda.
    You did forget about her famous fruitcakes.
    Happy Mother’s Day to Linda, a truely
    Wonderful lady.
    Now, Happy Mother’s Day to you.
    Who could ask for a better daughter than you. You have combine ALL the wonderful qualities from your Mom’s
    and raised a beautiful, wonderful & caring daughter. She has all your loving and sensitive qualities.
    With all our love, Dad

  3. Lovely to read and lovely sentiments. I totally agree with you. You are very lucky and so is your Mother in Law. I know many mothers of sons that don’t get so much as a card and the girlfriends and wives don’t give it a thought. I will never understand that. It’s a time for sharing but can also be a difficult day. I love that your MIL can do headstands and the fudge sounds fab too. Thanks for sharing such a relevant post here with us at #TweensTeensBeyond. Its lovely to have you back again. Nicky

  4. I am jealous. My ex MIL and I constantly clashed and my new MIL is actually my husband’s step-mother and he is not particularly close to her so by default neither am I. We are polite to each other. My husband on the other hand is very close to my mother and having lost his own mother to cancer is precious of his relationship with her. She fills a gap in his life were the words he used at a speech at my birthday recently. It is a tough relationship to get right so when it does work it is a relief. Thanks for sharing with us and linking again. #TweensTeensBeyond

    1. Yes. These relationships can really be tricky! That’s why I say- who knows what kind of a crack-pot my future MIL could have been (JK Linda!). Thank goodness she wasn’t! Luck was on my side. But I have seen some serious awkwardness with other people and sometimes you just have to, as you say, be polite to each other!

  5. That’s lovely. I also celebrate my MIL – as much as we do. The OH wouldn’t bother, but I do a card and flowers. My mum died 3 years ago and we live next to my in laws, so they really are people I’m close to and grateful for. #thelistlinky

    1. That’s really nice to hear! I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your mum but so glad you have such lovely in-laws so close at hand! Thanks for commenting! x

  6. This can be such a difficult relationship – for both women. I have clashed with my MIL in the past but now that she is in her eighties I find I like her more and more! I loved what you had to say about your MIL – she sounds like an amazing lady. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  7. It’s wonderful when you get on with the MIL isn’t it? I get on with mine like a house on fire, it’s great. She can beat your MIL for organisation with Christmas presents though- done and dusted in September! But she is a vicar so is a bit busy in December so has to be organised!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! Your MIL sounds wonderful- you are very lucky! Sounds like needs must on the Christmas presents front! How cool that she’s a vicar! xx

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