Minimalist Valentines Day (4 Free Love Coupons)

A photo of an open book with loose pages folded together into a heart shape. The Caption is Happy Valentine's Day.Happy Minimalist valentine’s Day!

I do love Valentine’s Day. But not for the reasons that you may think. I don’t think I view Valentine’s Day in the same way as other people do. I never worried if I didn’t have a ‘significant other’ to exchange a valentine with. My brothers and I always received a small box of Fannie Mae chocolates from our parents. And we often received a little card from one of The Aunts and/or my grandparents with $1 inside. You can see that my family didn’t really observe ‘The Rules’ of Valentine’s Day! 🙂 It was all very low-key and minimalist.

What’s not to love about a single day that celebrates hearts and love?? Valentine’s Day is easy. There’s not a 4 month build-up. There’s no need to go over-board on expensive presents or grand gestures (in my humble opinion anyway). And generally, it involves chocolates or some other kind of little sweet.

Our minimalist approach to Valentine’s day

However, like so many other things- big business is in on the act now. And you can buy your loved ones any number of novelty things to show them that you love them.

But in my house, we have started to take a really hard line on what is allowed to come through our front door. We are taking Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy concept seriously. Unless something really sparks joy in our hearts, it is not allowed in.

On the other hand, we have been making an effort to put down our phones, tune out distractions and give each other the gift of time instead. Which is why this year, I’ll be giving my peeps little love coupons. For Minnie-Sue, it will be all about playing Saturday Night Monopoly with her. And for Mr UK Yankee, probably the gift of an afternoon to read his book with no distractions. These little things spark joy without leaving us wondering what we’re going to do with that thing after the 14th of February. And we’ll probably be sharing a little chocolate too!

I believe so strongly in giving the gift of time or of ourselves that I really want to share my Valentine Coupons with you. If you’d like to do this with your loved ones, just click the button below to download. You can personalise them to suit the recipient with what they would love to receive!

Have fun!

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