Meet Minnie Sue: The Remarkable 8 Year Old Cook

Meet Minnie Sue: The remarkable 8 year old who cooks rings around me (With FREE Printable E-Cookbook Minnie Sue’s simple recipes for kids! )

Food is at the heart of my family. We are Midwestern after all! But the great news is that I managed to snag a non-Midwesterner who is totally on board with the food love and I will illustrate this point with the following sentence: He makes homemade croissant (that Minnie Sue and I scoff immediately). I’d have been a fool to let somebody with that kind of know-how slip through my fingers!

Home-made Croissants. The ultimate symbol of love.
Home-made Croissants. The ultimate symbol of love.

See what I mean? Who wouldn’t marry the man who can produce these babies?

Fast forward some number of years and a new foodie enters the scene in the form of our daughter who, for the purposes of this blog, prefers to be called Minnie Sue.

HOw it all began

Now, I spent my own formative years at the elbows of my mom and grandma in our kitchen at home and my dad at the pizza station at our restaurant, so it seemed completely natural that my daughter would spend her formative years standing on the other side of the breakfast bar becoming my Egg-Cracker-in-Chief. She was cracking eggs with only a few shells in the bowl by the age of 2 (yes, what a prodigy, I know!).
By the age of 5, she knew the basic ingredients of a cake and in what order they are added to the mixer. This is not because she is a genius, by the way, but rather it is indicative of the sheer number of cakes we make in our house. Although it makes me think about what it might be like to be a cake savant…

Minnie Sue operating the Kitchen Aid mixer

And then out of the blue, Minnie Sue announced that she wanted to write an e-cookbook for kids. After I picked myself up off the floor (and ate all the cake crumbs that were down there), I handed her a notebook and pencil and off she went.
I thought it would be fun to dig into the mind of this little cooking wizard to find out more about what makes her tick so I interviewed her, ignoring her demands that she only be served green m&ms and her assertions that she ‘could only spare me 15 minutes darling’.
Find Minnie Sue’s pearls of wisdom below; clock how I get name checked and if you follow me to the end, you can download her FREE printable E-Cookbook for your own little ones. It’s seriously fun 🙂

The Interview

Okay Minnie Sue, let’s start out by telling your readers how old you are.

Right now I’m 7 but in a few weeks, I’ll be 8 (note to reader- this was very important.You’ll notice I am not telling you how old I will be in a few weeks’ time).

So when did you start cooking?

I started cooking when I was 2 and remember standing at my position on the other side of the kitchen counter, wearing an apron and decorating cupcakes.

I remember that too & have a million pictures of you at The Baking Station. So what is your favourite thing to cook or bake?

My favourite thing to bake is butterscotch bites because they’re so simple to make and so delicious. They’re gobbled up straightaway.

And is there anybody who inspires you when you are planning new recipes (Say it’s me, say it’s me!)?

Really everyone. I just find a new recipe and then I make it my own from cook books I adore like:

Cake Magic by Kate Shirazi

Minnie Sue's go to cookbook for cakes

BBC Good Food website
The Boy Who Bakes by Edd Kimber
Cooking Fun by Rae Grant (This was my very first cookbook. Thank you Uncleydoos!)

Minnie Sue's first cookbook

Delia Smith

and the Usborne Yummy Little Cook Book

Minnie Sue's charity shop find and go-to book for gorgeous sweet treats

We’ve made some wonderful recipes from all those places! So what about this: if you could invite 5 people to afternoon tea, who would they be and why?

  • Mary Berry because she’s a good baker (Mummy here- For the uninitiated, Mary Berry is the beginning, middle and end of The Great British Bake-Off!).
  • Delia Smith because she has so many good recipes and her cookbooks are a great help in the kitchen
  • Nanny because she makes the best fudge ever
  • My Mum because she makes so much yummy food and helps me with all my cooking projects.
  • Gram because she has fun tools like food colour air-brushes and she used to make all the cakes and desserts at their restaurant.

Phew! I’m glad I made the short list! And what would you serve at that afternoon tea?

In England, traditional afternoon tea is scones and finger sandwiches with Victoria sponge cake. The tea can be Earl Grey or Ceylon, but I really like English Breakfast Tea.

If I were serving afternoon tea, I would do things a little differently with recipes from Minnie Sue’s Simple Recipes for Kids. I would serve granola cups, tea, muffins, and scones.

I like your style! So what is your favourite food in the whole world?

Curry, because it’s something different to everything else. And Daddy makes the best curry!

What do you love most about cooking and baking?

I love it because homemade is a lot better than shop-bought food.

Amen sister! We’re definitely into homemade food around here! Thank you Minnie Sue for clearing your busy schedule for this interview. What do you say we give those readers a chance to download your AMAZING e-cookbook now?

I worked really hard on Minnie Sue’s Simple Recipes for Kids and I hope that all the children who download it enjoy making the food as much as we enjoyed testing it! Bon Appetit!

Download e-book now

Tell us what you and your family like to cook and bake and provide links to your favourite recipes! Here’s the link to one of ours:

The perfect refreshing summer drink with free elderflower from the hedgerows!


Apple Cider Doughnuts…!!! Mmmm!! With fresh Kentish Apples!

Love Makes a Family

7 thoughts on “Meet Minnie Sue: The Remarkable 8 Year Old Cook

  1. Dear Minnie Sue,
    I loved your interview! Very informative on how you think about food and cooking. Is it possible that you could be the next Delia Smith? Keep creating!
    Love, Gram

  2. What a lovely interview, I’m glad you love cooking so much Minnie Sue ? (Sidenote, my Grandma’s name was Minnie ?). I’m so happy I’ve come to know you and your family, after all it’s how I got introduced to the AMAZING Chicago pizza!
    Lots of love
    Becki xx

  3. Have just read this (sorry I’m a bit late!). What an lovely interview! I totally agree about Mary Berry; she is referred to as “Bezza” by me and my own (rather older) version of Minnie Sue when we are looking though cookery books for recipe inspiration (as in, “What does Bezza say for how long this meringue will take?”). My daughter and I still enjoy baking together when she comes home for a visit but more than that she has developed a great palate and can throw together food for a tasty meal and cook healthy meals on a shoestring budget. I won’t take all the credit for this talent but I do think that an early interest in cooking and helping out in the kitchen was huge help!

    1. Love it! Its great to bake with family. I have fond memories of baking with my mom AND my grandma. And for a few short years, Minnie Sue was able to take part in that too. 4 Generations of Midwestern Bakers 🙂

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