Flat Stanley, the Famous Children’s Book Character, is in the UK

Flat Stanley, one of our favourite children’s book characters is visiting

As Indie Publishers, we at UK Yankee love books and have taken the luxury of some time to begin building a list of our favourite children’s books, including one of the best children’s books ever: Flat Stanley. Sitting behind the lists is also a bit of an ambition to read them all with Minnie Sue. So many books so little time! Our list began to look chaotic so we had to divide it in Retro Children’s Books and Modern Children’s Classics.

In The Midst of the Obsessive Book Listing…

And then…in the midst of our obsessive book listing, I received a darling video from my cousin’s little boy, Mr. C, asking if his Flat Stanley could come round for a visit. Of course, the answer had to be yes! For those of you who don’t know Flat Stanley, he is a little boy who wakes up one morning under his Big Bulletin Board which has fallen during the night, flattening him. Once he comes to terms with his new physique, he realises that many new opportunities exist for a little boy who is flat. Including, travelling to California in an envelope to save money on airfare.

Whilst waiting for our very own Flat Stanley to arrive from Iowa, I just had to purchase a copy of Flat Stanley so we could revisit the story. Thanks to the wonders of Amazon Prime, the book arrived the next day and Mr C’s Flat Stanley arrived the day after! We are so excited to have Flat Stanley visiting us!

A picture of the book Flat Stanley and a drawn and cut-out mini paper Flat Stanley



This is What We’re Doing

So this is what we’re doing. We have been asked to help Mr C and his class learn about geography by taking Flat Stanley out and about in our neck of the woods. We’re going to enlist some friends to help us with this including all you readers in the UK. We’ll take lots of pictures and then we’ll send some souveniers to your school in Iowa so you can get a flavour (maybe literally if we’re good enough to send you some treats!) of what Flat Stanley is getting up to on this little island. So stay tuned! If you are one of Mr C’s classmates in Iowa, get your parents to sign up to our blog (at the bottom of the page) and they will get a little reminder every time we post some new pictures.

This is going to be fun!

All you readers, especially those in the UK- can you help us out by leaving some information in the comments section below or on our Facebook page? Mr C’s class would like to know the following things:

  • Where do you live in the UK or otherwise?
  • What is the weather like outside today?
  • What is the make-up of the land in your community (e.g. rivers, lakes, oceans, hills, mountains,etc?).
  • Please share something special about your community
  • Pictures are especially welcome! Please post them on our Facebook Page

Thanks everyone!A banner that says love makes a family.

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