1001 Awesome Adventures to Defeat Boredom This Summer

Outdoor activities are a really big deal in my family and are my solution of choice for boredom-busting. Any cry of ‘Mummy, I’m bored’ is followed up with a the following directive ‘Go Outside’. It seems like the obvious thing to do considering Minnie-Sue is obsessed with camping; starting fires (in a good way); building dens; and knowing how to survive if she is ever stranded in the Arctic (for more on this, I direct you to her go-to resource: The SAS Survival Handbook). So sending her outside to play is a no-brainer.

Needless to say, when I received a review-copy of Andy Seed’s The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do, I jumped at the chance to give it a test run (best baby-sitter ever!).

1001 Awesome Adventures to Defeat Boredom This Summer by UK Yankee

so many ways to beat boredom this summer!

The author of the book, Andy Seed, has laid out his fantastic ideas into great categories.

  1. Garden Fun
  2. Things to Make
  3. Places to Go
  4. At the Beach
  5. Games to Play
  6. Winter Fun
  7. Activity Challenges

garden fun

Fantastic ideas that utilise things you already have in your house and are good for small spaces (for those of us with postage stamp back gardens!). Loads of ideas centre around how to make dens and my own first hand experience shows that dens offer hours of fun! Our favourite was the Tipi. Here’s what it looked like:

1001 Awesome Adventures to Defeat Boredom This Summer by UK Yankee

things to make

I love the Anti-Boredom Book’s ideas for things to make because I have almost all the supplies/ingredients in my house already. And the author does reiterate that the point of these activities is to get outside. This means the mess goes outside too. Since I live inside a glitterbomb most of the time (see my post 11 WONDERFUL WAYS I’M ROCKING MOTHERHOOD) this feature of the book gets a huge thumbs up from me!

My favourite ideas so far have been Paper Planes (mine always crash!) and the giant bubble wand (the cats love this!). Minnie-Sue loved the Grass Hooter which she has mastered (our poor ears!) and the Daisy Chains. She can spend ages making these and they are a wonderful decoration for our Fairy Tree!

Making Daisy Chains by UK Yankee

places to go

The great thing about this chapter is that it is appropriate for readers all over the world. This chapter is laid out into more sections including:

  1. Town
  2. Woods
  3. Rivers
  4. Countryside
  5. Pond
  6. Lake
  7. Hills
  8. Indoors

If you’re looking to beat boredom this summer, just following these 8 sections is guaranteed to not only get out of the house but have Amazing Adventures without spending very much money at all. In road-testing this book, we have participated in the following activities:

eat up a mountain

Well, in this case, we ate up a hill in a training walk for our hiking in the UK’s beautiful Lake District.

1001 Awesome Adventures to Defeat Boredom This Summer by UK Yankee

1001 Awesome Adventures to Defeat Boredom This Summer by UK Yankee

All our outdoor hill-eating was meant to prepare us for Bowscale Fell in the Lake District. But despite our Tough & Persistent attitude, the weather eventually defeated us!

1001 Awesome Adventures to Defeat Boredom This Summer by UK Yankee

at the beach

If you were ever in danger of getting bored at the beach, The Anti-Boredom Book’s section on things to do at the beach will come to your rescue. From hunting for fossils to rolling down a sand-dune, this book has you covered. If you sense the natives circling around you with the dreaded ‘I’m Bored’ on the tip of their tongues, whip out this book and get the troops busy on one of the many beach adventure activities!

games to play

You’ll know some of these games but some of them will be new and inventive, like Snake in the Loo and A4 Race. Lots of these games are perfect for summer and definitely for the outdoors since they involve getting wet! The ‘Stuff You Will Need’ is minimal and very likely, already in your home.

winter fun

And since everyday isn’t summer, The Anti-Boredom Book delivers ideas for non-summer activities too. Though many involve snow (and we don’t get an awful lot of that in SE England…Boo Hiss!), there are some great activities if you are lucky enough to get winter snow; like making a snow beast or if the weather is below freezing: ice pendants. But for those graced with a lot of mud in the winter (hands up!), you are catered for too. Mud Walk anyone?

Autumn Muddy Walks by UK Yankee

activity challenge

And if you’re really into being outdoors or really WANT to be into being outdoors, then you absolutely must complete one of the Activity Challenges! These come in three categories: Easy, Harder and Tough. The challenges are a list of activities that you set out to accomplish. We are working on the Tough Challenge (because we are Tough and Persistent 😉 ). The Challenge includes the following activities:

  1. Sleep Under the Stars
  2. Dam a Stream
  3. Row Across a Lake
  4. Ride a Horse
  5. Climb a 1000-ft Hill (Check. In the rain? Double Check.)
  6. Camp Out in the Wilderness
  7. Catch a Fish
  8. Do a 12km Walk (Check.)
  9. Go Rock Climbing (Almost Check…!)

other great things about the anti-boredom book

  • The author provides you with a list of Things You Need.
  • Every section has jokes
  • Each chapter has a section for kids to rate various activities with Love, Hate or Meh.
  • The book is really good for 9-11 year olds because they can read it and act on it themselves. However, the activities are brilliant for younger kids too. They may just need some help from a grown-up.

If you’re worried about the Siren Song of Boredom this summer or simply want to get your kids away from the X-Box,The Anti-Boredom Book is a brilliant resource! I highly recommend the Activity Challenges because they give everyone something to work toward. And you can even create Challenge Badges! I found this cool online service called The Studio where you can create your own badges/patches. Now whip your troops into shape!

You can get your copy through Bloomsbury Children’s Books:

The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things to Do by Andy Seed. And really, it’s a bargain for just over £5. Much cheaper than a holiday abroad or weeks of summer camp!

**Disclaimer- I received this book in return for my honest opinion in this blog.


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  1. Great review! I love the sound of this book it is right up my street!!! I’d love to make a tipi in the garden and make daisy chains and we love a beach walk too. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

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