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welcome to Boss Girl Friday!

Girl Power is a subject that is right up my street. Maybe because I’m a girl. Or because Minnie-Sue is a girl. Or maybe because I have never believed that gender (male or female BTW) should be a limiting factor. Whatever…this is the place for Boss Girls on Fridays.

UK Yankee's #BossGirlFriday Blog

The universe has spoken

Recently, the universe has placed a few serendipitous moments in my way. They are as follows:

First, ‘Meeting’ Heather Stark, the unstoppable woman behind Gracefully Strong and Grace & Grit Boxes.

Then, after the US Presidential Election, Minnie-Sue received an anonymous gift in the post. Rad American Women A-Z by Kate Schatz & Miriam Klein Stahl. It later turned out that my brother sent this gift to her:

‘To remind her that despite appearances right now, rad American women will continue to make a difference in the world’

Finally, the amazing experience of being part of the Women’s March in London and the total feeling of support from thousands of women gathered together.

tired of sitting on the sidelines

I really wanted to be part of this time that is paradoxically ripe for empowering girls. So I am launching #BossGirlFriday. Here’s how it will work:

  • Every Friday I will post a Q&A with a BossGirl. BossGirls can come from anywhere! We’re starting at home with Minnie-Sue this week. But I’m rapidly opening this up to anyone who wants to participate because we need to understand what makes girls tick. We need to support them and celebrate them and we need to hear the words from their own mouths.

My goal is to eventually build an online submission page. But baby steps…

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#bossgirlfriday- A real girl’s voice

Life is a Journey- UK Yankee #BossGirlFriday The 411

What is Your Name?


How Old Are You?


What Country Do You Live In?


What Makes You Joyful?

Looking at my piano exam certificate and reading the nice comments from the examiner

My cats when they are looking for me (because they prefer me to my parents 🙂 )

Books because they let me relax my brain and body, like a meditation

What are three things you are grateful for today?

  • Getting praised at school for a dramatic performance of The Digestive System
  • This sunny day
  • Being able to play a tricky piece of music on the piano

What is one thing you believe to be utterly true?

I have a few answers to this

  • Evolution
  • Fairies
  • Love Makes a Family
  • It doesn’t matter how you look
  • Girls can be boys and boys can be girls- It’s about how you feel on the inside

When was the last time you supported another girl? How did you do it?

I supported a girl I know when one of her family members had a life-changing disease. I did it by listening to her because I think she needed someone to talk to.

What frightens you?

The idea of war scares me.

I also don’t like to be in a dark bedroom after reading a book about snakes or thinking about snakes. It makes me feel like there are snakes in my room and they will attack me unless I’m wrapped up under the covers.

If you could visit any other place in the world/universe, where would you go and why?

I would love to visit Scandanavia and Spain because they both have different climates to England.

What’s your passion? What makes you tick? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I love reading books that are exciting, mysterious or non-fiction . Music just makes my heart sing. I adore doodling and drawing. Especially zentangling (a detailed pattern doodling). When I do it, I will let my brain wander down a grassy bank to the coolest of waters were I can paddle.

How are you going to change the world?

I will stand up for same-sex parents and work for equality for all people.

Name something you love about yourself.

I have a really unique fashion style and am not afraid to try out new ideas with my clothes.

I also am proud that I will also stand up for what is right and will always speak up if someone is being racist or sexist.

Fantasy Hangout: Name 4 awesome girls/women you’d like to hang out with and why. Psst! They don’t have to be famous…

Laura Ingalls (even though she’s dead) because her life astonished me in her books and talking to a pioneer in person would be amazing.

Perry from Little Mix mainly because she is so awesome and has an outstanding voice.

Mrs D (my class TA) because she would have some baked goods and also is a very interesting lady.

The Ja-Girls. They’re such a brilliant team, with stupidly funny university stories.

Name something nice you will do for yourself to celebrate being an amazing person.

I will have a cuddle with my cats and give myself extra reading time.

thanks for joining me today!

I hope you’ll tune in to next weeks #BossGirlFriday to find out what’s on the mind of today’s girls. And please give me a shout if you’d like to get your own girl(s) involved. We’d love to hear from them!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for supporting Boss Girls! On Fridays and every day 😉

a banner reading love makes a familly

After the Playground

7 thoughts on “UK Yankee is launching #BossGirlFriday

  1. What a brilliant idea. We need the next generation to save us from the mess that we are in now! I love the answers here – what an amazing young lady. There is hope for the future after all. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at #TweensTeensBeyond.

  2. This is a lovely idea Alisa, it is wonderful to hear from our next generation of female pioneers. I love the fact that Minnie Sue has several answers to what she believes to be utterly true and what fantastic responses too, clearly she is a deep thinker. Thanks for joining us again and good luck! You have my support for sure – I will check out the 13 year old she maybe up for it. #TweensTeensBeyond

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Jo! Minnie-Sue will be delighted to hear that you liked her answers! I’d love to hear from your 13 year old! Please do let me know! And YES, my comments are working again! Thank heavens!! 🙂

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