David Hasselhoff and The Baby Files are both Big in Germany

what do david hasselhoff & the baby files have in common?

It’s official! David Hasselhoff The Baby Files. Both are Big in Germany!


David Hasselhoff & The Baby Files are both Big in Germany


When I was growing up, every Sunday we had quality family time together. Sitting in front of the tv, watching Knight Rider and only communicating through witty, quippy observations about Devon Mile’s subtle eyeliner. Any child of the 80’s will have some kind of childhood memory involving Knight Rider. It might be a Hotwheels KITT car or a KITT Burning Key Car (hands up who remembers these!). Maybe you had a  Michael Knight Poseable Action Figure. If you were in my family, you might even have a photo of yourself at Universal Studios asking KITT highly inappropriate but obviously hilarious questions.

It’s definitely fair to say that David Hasselhoff (aka Michael Knight) is a figure of great fun from my childhood. And I’m not ashamed to tell you that I actually waited in line for 45 minutes to obtain a signed copy of his autobiography in London. You’re welcome Megan.

So when you’ve grown up with The Hoff’s enormous personality as a cultural touchstone and you know that the Germans love him (according to himself anyway), then you can’t help wonder whether you might be able to reach the same heady heights in Deutschland.

We thought we’d give it a try…

david hasselhoff The Baby Files. Big in Germany

Recently we sent some of our products to Germany to see if those clever multi-lingual Germans liked our stuff.

Turns out…they did!

So we’re rubbing shoulders with The Hoff now. Because we’re both Big in Germany! Maybe we should go on tour together…

All my childhood dreams come true!

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