The Best FREE Organizing Printable This Side of Christmas

UK Yankee advent Blog Thursday- best free organizing printable from created by rebecca

UK Yankee Advent Blog Thursday is FREE Organizing Printable


Hello! I’m so pleased to introduce you all to my friend & guest-blogger, Rebecca from Created by Rebecca. She is an extraordinary designer- one of those people that everyone is following on Pinterest! She is also incredibly organized!

It won’t be long until we’re all making New Year’s Resolutions to organize our lives. So Rebecca’s free printable is going to be right up your alley! Wait ’til you see it…

introducing rebecca

A Photograph of Rebecca Reynolds from Created by Rebecca




Hi everyone! I’m Rebecca Reynolds: jewellery, giftware and interior designer; small business owner; crafter, gardener and pet/gardening blogger.

With so many strings to my bow, I decided I needed to revolutionise the way I organise myself and my business. So I set about investigating bullet journals and planners. It was hard to find something that fit my ever-changing needs, until I discovered The Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas. It’s an infinitely customisable life planning system created in America, and I love it!




Now its your turn to get organized!

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for printable planner elements. I take great joy in finding new ones; cutting them up and storing them in little plastic bags. Then I’m ready to plan at the drop of a hat. I find it very cathartic. I also produced several printables that I use in my own planner including a Blog Ideas dashboard; Contacts sheets and Food Tracker sheets.

For the UK Yankee Advent 2016 blog I created an A4 planner printable (also available as US Letter size). It is designed especially to fit the box layout of the vertical Happy Planner. But you can trim to customise it to your own planner too. It’s a really useable selection of:

  • full size boxes
  • half boxes
  • activity icons
  • blank icons
  • hydration trackers
  • checklists
  • pointers and so much more!

I took time to lay out the elements carefully, so they are super-easy to cut out with scissors and/or paper trimmer. Because in my mind there’s nothing worse than boxes that don’t line up properly!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. First download the A4 PRINTABLE or the US LETTER SIZED PRINTABLE and print it out.
  2. Next, cut out all the elements.
  3. Then, arrange them on your blank weekly planner spread.
  4. When you’re happy, you stick them in like you would in a scrapbook. I use a Stick It! removable glue runner and a Zig 2 Way glue pen. They are both archival quality, so won’t yellow the paper. NB- my links are to UK Amazon but you can find similar on Amazon US.

To capture the spirit of UK Yankee and what The Baby Files means to me, I used butterflies to symbolise hope and change; flowers for new life; and hearts for love and compassion. The background is a vibrant, sploshy watercolour…and that represents me!

To complete the vertical Weekly Layout shown in the photos, I printed two copies on normal white copier paper (at 1200dpi) on the highest print quality setting. This will give you everything shown on the layout. I also added some gold gel pen details. And because I hardly ever use the ‘Notes’ section on the left, I doodled some Zentangle there instead! For inspiration, click on the images in the gallery below.

Don’t forget to pop by and say hi!

I hope you enjoy using your free printable as much as I do. And I look forward to welcoming you to my own pages!

For creative goodness you can find me at:  and on Twitter @BeckiReynolds4

For gardening, guinea pigs, hamsters and chicken antics go to: and on Twitter @Pumpkin_Becki


Rebecca xx

Wow! Thanks Rebecca!

That was an enormous amount of info alongside Rebecca’s gorgeous organizing printable! Now, for all you Organizers out there- get a hop on 2017 and download this free printable! Its fun and beautiful and in the spirit of the season, feel free to share it with all your friends!

Stay tuned for Saturdays FREE recipe from Stag Coffee. Its not to be missed. HINT: it contains caramel…

*This was not a sponsored post by Happy Planner. Rebecca is just obsessed by them 🙂

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