The True Backstory Behind The Baby Files

The Baby Files: A Book Celebrating My First Year is a Baby Book for all parents regardless of their gender composition.

Everything has a story and I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit nosey and I love to hear the stories behind different products and inventions. I like to know that people like me tried and failed. And tried and failed. And still got up and tried again. I like to know what drove them to design or invent that ‘thing’ in the first place and what lights the fire that keeps them going.

The Baby Files has a backstory too. It’s a very personal story for me which is why I am so deeply attached to this book. The story of The Baby Files starts and finishes with love.

The Baby Files Story: A Baby Book for All Parents

You see, my brother and his husband wanted to adopt a baby and they jumped through all the hoops that this process can present. I’m sure that anybody who has experienced this themselves or who has witnessed the process through loved ones knows that it can be a roller-coaster ride. The lows are heart-wrenching and filled with despair but the highs are indescribable- the formation of a family. And at the heart of it: always hope. And love.

The Baby Files-We Loved You Print

When I was pregnant, I received two baby books; the kind that have cute little Beatrix Potter animals and talk about Mom and Dad and the pregnancy. Which is lovely- for my husband and I, but totally and completely irrelevant for my brother and his husband. So I did what any 21st century Aunt-To-Be would do. I got busy Googling to find a book that would be appropriate for my brother’s family. And found nothing. I kept Googling, each time using different search terms. But still nothing.

It made me cross because in this day and age, families come together in so many different ways, they don’t always fit into little formulaic boxes and they’re not always American ‘Moms’ either (fancy that!). And my brother and his husband would love to record all those special milestones in their beloved child’s first year. I know for sure that one half of that couple wields a mean pair of scissors and a glue stick.  He would happily fill one book and another again after that.

The only answer for me was to write a book for The Boys. And for my niece/nephew to be. So I did.

The Baby Files Journey

My journey to complete this book was filled with wonderful surprises along the way, like meeting another ex-pat Illinoisan living in the UK. She turned out to be Anni Betts, my fabulous illustrator. Fate? So many people helped me in unimaginable ways and underlined my faith that when you approach something with love, people respond in kind. Thank you everyone who helped make this possible- you know who you are (and if you don’t, check out my With Special Thanks page!).

After 18 months of development, this book is now available to buy on Etsy. You can also purchase The Baby Files in selected shops in both the US and the UK (See our Stockists pageThe Baby Files is designed with a universal approach and it is appropriate for all families: all gender compositions; births; adoptions; all religious persuasions or none at all. And for all the Brits out there- there’s a version for you too with all the right spellings and cultural cues. Just Add Love.

And that is the story behind The Baby Files. Truly this book was created with love and I hope that it brings joy to lots of families! For more information on the book itself, click on About the Baby Files.



15 thoughts on “The True Backstory Behind The Baby Files

  1. This is such a brilliant (yet why wasn’t there one already if you see what I mean) idea. Level that playing field, kick down those fences! I can’t wait to see it, even if I’m one of those terrible parents who have never filled out a baby record book.

    I also love the fact there’s a version for parents either side of the Atlantic!

  2. Am looking forward to seeing the book. This will help a lot of people in different situations. Love the cover illustration.

  3. I have just received the first copy of this to come to Australia. I am ver impressed with it. It is going to a very loved niece who lives in Melbourne and having her first baby next week. She has undergone a great deal to bring this pregnancy to term. I know the author through her English family and her lovliness shows in this book. I am so proud the be first Aussie to receive this special book.

  4. Such an amazing & lovely idea! Completely agree with you though, I would have thought in this day & age we would have already have had access to these books! Well done you lovely lady ? Xx

  5. Awww, Alisa – that’s such a beautiful story! On the one hand it makes me cross that in this day and age there hadn’t been a baby record book that would be suitable to all kinds of families but how wonderful that you made history by making one yourself 🙂 xx

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