Baby Files UK Launch!!!

The Baby Files UK has Launched

OMG! We’ve launched!!


The Baby Files UK Launch is today- 1 December and this little labour of love is now LIVE on!!! You can actually buy your real-life copy now!!

As a special celebration of our launch, we will be donating 15% of our profits today to Stonewall, a UK-based organisation that promotes Acceptance Without Exception

This is a HUGE day for us. I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of YOU who have helped make this possible through your support, encouragement and love. You have really kept my spirits up, especially during the dark days of trying to work out how, in heaven’s name, a small business can ship to Amazon!!


It’s officially December and the Advent Season is upon us. I like the idea of preparation that goes along with Advent, both in its religious sense and also in its literal sense. First, this time of year is really special to me because I love the cold, crisp weather (Yes, I am a Midwesterner through and through- it’s in my nature). And second, I love the dark evenings; the candles; the fun of cosying up in the house with blankets, wearing flannel pj bottoms (I’m looking at you AL!) & binge-watching Life in Pieces. And generally being with my family. It’s all Hygge!

As a family, we generally reject the overly commercial aspect of the holidays. As a little girl, my parents tried to instill an understanding of the importance of Giving as an integral part of the Christmas holidays. Now that I’m all grown-up (kind of??), this is a priority for me and Mr UK Yankee to instill in our own little girl. As a result, my heart sang when she decided to re-purpose her Advent House this year. Instead of putting the little animals behind the doors, she wants to put little good-deeds behind each door for us to carry out each day. (For those of you who know Minnie-Sue personally, you will know that her plan was far more complicated than this and involved a lot of ‘Girl-Splaining’ but you get the gist of it…).

A small decorative cabin with 24 opening doors to celebrate Advent. UK Yankee

The Advent Blog Run-Down

Consequently, dear readers, I would like to bring a similar concept to the UK Yankee blog for the next 24 days. In addition to launching The Baby Files today, I am also launching the UK Yankee Advent Blog. I am honoured to be working with some of the most generous, kind, talented, fierce people who have agreed to take a day or two and blog over here with me. They are artists, writers, entrepreneurs, bakers, mothers, Kick-Ass Women and Fathers To Be!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Mondays are about Giving
  • Tuesdays are about Supporting Local Businesses
  • Wednesdays are about Secret Acts of Kindness
  • Thursdays are FREE Printables 😉
  • Fridays are Good Deed Days
  • Saturdays are Baking Days (with FREE recipes!)
  • Sundays are Days of Rest (for me 🙂 )

I hope that during the rush and hub-bub of this holiday season, you will find the time to connect with the words of wisdom, solace, love, passion and cake recipes that will be coming your way. And maybe you will be inspired to take their suggestions and create your own Secret Acts of Kindness and Good Deeds. If you do- I’d love to hear about them.

Wow! What a day! The Baby Files UK Launch and an Advent Blog Launch! As a result of all this, I’d like to say:

Thanks for all the love!

Alisa xx

A banner that says love makes a family.


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