The Baby Files New Review!

The Baby Files Has a New Review

Wow! This is such an exciting moment for us, I just had to share it! The Baby Files has a new review; its very first independent review from the wonderful Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards, which we have entered, by the way!

Kind words always build us up but these words are extra special because they came from an organisation set up by multiple award-winning UK author Billy Bob Buttons (aka Edward Trayer). It’s great to be part of the world of indie publishers and children’s authors!

But I won’t leave you in suspense much longer… without further ado, read our new review!

Our Review:


Star Rating: 5/5

‘Charming! Perfect for any family with a little bundle of joy on the way.’ The Wishing Shelf

It is not often I’m sent a book of this kind to deliver feedback on, but it made for a very welcome change. Let me start by saying ‘I loved it!’ But, then, I’m a mum and the thought of recording the first year of a child’s life is, to me, a wonderful idea.

So, what is this book? Well, it’s a baby album of sorts, packed full of ways for parents to help show a child what it was like when that child was a baby. Things like:

The first songs my parents sang to me were…

I loved to play with…

The Prime Minister was…


Popular TV shows were…

It is very well thought-out and, as you can see from the list above, it not only looks at what happened to the baby, but also what was happening in the world during the baby’s first year. I can just imagine a child of 8 or 9 going into school with this book and using it to discuss all sorts of topics. Particularly ‘1 pound would buy…’

The layout is superb and the colourful drawings by Anni Betts are totally delightful. After browsing through it, all I could think was ‘I wished my parents had presented me with a book like this.’ But, I guess, 35 years ago a book like this didn’t exist.

I would happily recommend this to anybody who is soon going to have a baby. Or, even better, anybody looking for a present for a baby shower or a christening.

A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review


Thank you ‘Wishing Shelf’! You’ve really made our day!

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4 thoughts on “The Baby Files New Review!

  1. Congratulations, Alisa, on the wonderful review! The words are well said and very true. We’re so proud of you! Now, (no pressure ?), let’s get The Baby Files state side!

  2. Alisa, it is SO good to read what we have been thinking all along. But, now you are hearing it from a literary peer. Good for you and your Baby Files team. Saying we are proud is putting it mildly.

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