Autumn Baking and Nesting

Our clocks went back a couple of weeks ago and the nights are officially daaaark. At the risk of becoming the most unpopular person in the northern hemisphere, I am LOVING the cold weather, because scarves. And hats. And am I the only one who goes into hygge overdrive during the Autumn and Winter? Autumn Baking and Nesting only require a handful of supplies:

  • blankets
  • candles
  • books
  • comfort food

Job Done!

Autumn Baking and Nesting at UK Yankee

Simple hygge living

Ever since I was introduced to the Danish concept of Hygge a couple of years ago, I realised that I must have been Danish all along because this wonderful idea is something that I’ve embraced for many years without even knowing it had a name! So this time of year brings out all the lovely cozy hygge things, especially featuring Autumn Baking and Nesting.

The simple act of baking something from scratch is one of the things that makes my house a home. And between trying to keep a growing 9 year old fed after all her activities, not to mention my husband who walks to and from work and comes home ravenous…well, I’m always looking for new recipes (please feel free to hook me up with any of your favourites in the comments!).

One of my favourite favourite favourite recipe websites is Pinch of Yum. And it tends to be my first port of call when making up our weekly menu. I think its a combination of  Lindsay’s midwestern roots and love of comfort food that really speak to my Autumn Baking and Nesting needs. She’s a Minnesota girl and I’m from Illinois and I think we both know that Midwest is Best, even from afar! So yes, there is a bit of Midwest Love going on here too!

Autumn baking and nesting

This week’s Autumn Baking and Nesting features the first of two muffin recipes from Pinch of Yum that are on this week’s menu.

Amazingly Wholesome Five Ingredient Banana Bread Muffins

I made these this morning in anticipation of a hungry girl after school (and Minnie-Sue too 😉 ). Also, I am so tired of snacks in rustling plastic packaging and the associated waste that goes with them. Now, I must admit that having read the recipe, I was sliiiiiightly dubious about the lack of flour, though I guess ground oats is technically oat flour. However, these follow the pattern of one of the things I love the very most about Pinch of Yum recipes and that is- they are generally no-fuss. So, like my very favourite recipe which is made 3 times a week in our house, Miracle No Knead Bread, the Banana Bread Muffins are a ‘chuck-everything-in-the-food-processor’ type of recipe. Whizz it all up and you’re ready to pop the mix into muffin trays!

Now, enjoy these with hot drinks, blankets, candles, books and your favourite people.

It’s Autumn Baking and Nesting in a Nutshell.

** This post was NOT sponsored by Pinch of Yum. Just the musings of a superfan 😉



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8 thoughts on “Autumn Baking and Nesting

  1. Oh Alisa I am with you! I love Autumn, the dark nights, the log fires, the comfort food, the red wine, lots of layers of clothes…give it to me over Summer anytime. I also love food that you can chuck in a food processor. My daughter always loves a cake of some description when she comes home from school and banana muffins or bread are high on the list so I will definitely be giving this recipe a go! Thanks for the pointer to the website too, always nice to find someone new. #TweensTeensBeyond

    1. Your list of wonderful Autumn things is perfection itself Jo! I hope your daughter finds some good recipes (or you do on her behalf lol). I also tried the sweet potato muffins which sound a bit strange but were actually to die for!! Thanks for commenting 🙂 xx

  2. Oh no sorry I am a Summer person and I struggle so badly at this time of year. I definitely suffer from SAD and I can feel it coming on! On the other hand, I LOVE the look of the muffins and have a feeling they will do nicely as comfort food. Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeen Beyond

    1. Oh no Sharon! I’m so sorry you suffer from SAD! I do actually suffer from the loss of light and the eternally grey days, very different from the sunshine we get in a Midwestern winter. I use a SAD lamp to try to overcome that and my love of the coziness helps a lot! I hope you are taking steps to arm yourself for the darker/colder days! Thanks for commenting xx

  3. I am a summer girl but if we have to have a winter then I’m totally with you on the Hygge. Currently sitting here in my furry coat due to no heating where I am working so a throw would also have been welcome. Thanks for joining #tweensteensbeyond

    1. Lol! Lots of Summer people out there! Pile on those blankets and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the heating kicks in for you. In solidarity, I will wear my huge grey cardi, my scarf and my hat because though the heating here is working just fine, my office is in what is effectively a basement and it is perpetually freezing. Great in the summer but not so comfortable this time of year. The postman thinks I’m a loon when I answer the door wrapped up like it’s Siberia :-). Thanks for the comment! xx

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