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See what people are saying about The Baby Files, UK Yankee’s new baby book for all families:

  • UK Yankee's The Baby Files is a FINALIST in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2016

    The Baby Files is a FINALIST in the 2016 Wishing Shelf Book Awards

  • ‘Charming! Perfect for any family with a little bundle of joy on the way.’

    It is not often I’m sent a book of this kind to deliver feedback on, but it made for a very welcome change. Let me start by saying ‘I loved it!’ But, then, I’m a mum and the thought of recording the first year of a child’s life is, to me, a wonderful idea.

    I would happily recommend this to anybody who is soon going to have a baby. Or, even better, anybody looking for a present for a baby shower or a christening.

    The layout is superb and the colourful drawings by Anni Betts are totally delightful. After browsing through it, all I could think was ‘I wished my parents had presented me with a book like this.’ But, I guess, 35 years ago a book like this didn’t exist.


    The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

  • My son and his husband recently blessed our family when they adopted a baby. Finding a “neutral” baby book that would work for same-sex parents was a challenge! The Baby Files is perfect! The Baby Files will now be this grandma’s go-to baby book for all baby shower and welcome-baby gifts.

    Judi- Chicago

  • We just can’t say enough how much we love The Baby Files.  We searched everywhere for a baby book that would tell our child’s unique story and we finally found it with yours.  The illustrations are stunning and serve to enrich the story we have written as opposed to eclipsing it.

    Thank you for this beautiful keepsake of our child’s first year.

    Charlie & Hector- Chicago

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